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Kaanum Pongal is a vital gather celebration of Tamil Nadu. Kaanum Pongal is commended as the last and fourth day of the Pongal merriments. The festivals of Pongal reach an end with Kaanum Pongal. Kaanum Pongal is an antiquated celebration for the Tamils. It is commended on the third day of month of ‘Thai’ in the Tamil timetable.

However, This Pongal is likewise recognized as ‘Thiruvalluvar Day’ in recognition of the incomparable Tamil scholar and artist named ‘Thiruvalluvar’. Kaanum Pongal is the day of unwinding and delight and individuals invest energy by mingling or visiting each other’s home. In Andhra Pradesh Kaanum Pongal is praised as ‘Mukkanuma’ and is seen by loving cows.

About Kaanum Pongal | Thiruvalluvar Day

On the day of Kaanum Pongal, lovers clean their homes and design it with ‘kolam’. On this day, Kolam of Sun God is drawn. It is the prime divinity in the long stretch of Thai is Sun God. Exceptional puja is done and Sarkarai Pongal is made as offering to Sun God.

The most critical occasion saw on Kaanum Pongal is visiting the banks of River Kaveri. It is praised with loved ones simply like ‘Bhai Dhuj’ and ‘Raksha Bandhan’. A flavorful feast is set up on this day. Individuals pack snacks and after that appreciate it with their families on the bank of Kaveri River. In a few spots, exceptional supplications and pujas are offered to Mother Kaveri.

Kumi patu‘ or ‘Kummippatu’ is another custom seen on Kaanum Pongal. This custom is exceptionally dominating in the country zones of Tamil Nadu and is improved the situation. Quick marriage of young ladies whose relational unions are deferred for a few reasons. Amid Kumi Patu, the young lady is made to sit amidst the circle. The ladies move around her to the tunes of Kumi patu.

The celebration of Kaanum is the Tamil method for observing Brother’s Day. On this day ladies feed the winged creatures with rice and appeal to God for the success of their siblings. This custom is known as ‘Kanu’.

About Kaanum Pongal Festival

Sisters likewise visit the home of their siblings to ask about their prosperity. Ladies additionally eat sustenance made on the earlier day for long life and prosperity of their siblings.

Kaanum Pongal is the day of happiness. Individuals visit each other’s home and blend unreservedly even with outsiders. New connections are started and on Kaanum Pongal individuals trust it promising to make propositions to be engaged.

On the day of Kaanum Pongal, siblings offer blessings to their wedded sisters in return of adoration. Proprietors additionally give gits as cash, garments and sustenance to their occupants. The more youthful’s in the family offer their regard to older folks. Also, They receive a token of cash as favors consequently.

In the province of Andhra Pradesh, this day is praised by loving cattles. This day is the most loved day for non-veggie lovers. As individuals go without eating non-vegan nourishment on the initial three days of Pongal and spare it for the most recent day.

What is Kaanum Pongal

Kaanum Pongal marks the finish of the Pongal festivities. The word ‘kaanum’ in Tamil signifies ‘to visit, etc the day of Kaanum Pongal families hold reunions. There is likewise a custom of introducing blessings to each other as a token of affection.

Since Kaanum Pongal is the day of mingling, parks, zoos, theaters, shorelines, natural life asylums. The other vacationer goals remain to a great degree swarmed on this day. In Tamil Nadu, Kaanum Pongal is additionally alluded as ‘Virgin Pongal’ as it is energetically celebrated by unmarried young ladies.

The fourth day of the three-day Pongal festivities is called Kaanum Pongal. In few places this day is otherwise called Karinaal or Thiruvalluvar Day. It is devoted to the sun god, Surya and has its foundations in old Brahminical convention.

Since Pongal is a country, agrarian based celebration that commends the harvests, the sun is an indispensable piece of the procedures. This is on the grounds that the Sun is the image of life on Earth. Without the Sun, crops can’t grow and develop. Without the Sun, harvests won’t be abundant.

Surya Puja

On Kaanum Pongal, expand powdered chalk structures of the sun god, Surya are drawn. When the promising month of Thai is in progress, Surya is venerated. Bundles of sugarcane spot the petition territory.

Crisply cooked nourishment including the run of the mill sweet dish ‘Sarkarai Pongal‘ is first offered to Surya. Sugarcane that is offered is emblematic for sweetness and bliss throughout everyday life. However, Sugarcane stalks and coconut-both promising images of bounty are likewise offered to the Gods in satisfaction of a copious collect in the expected year.

Traditions and Rituals

This day is fundamentally the same as Rakhsa Bandhan and Bhai Dhuj in that it is overwhelmingly a celebration where ladies offer supplications for the prosperity of their siblings. The ladies play out this custom before showering in the first part of the day. Every one of the ladies, youthful and old, of the house, amass in the yard.

The rice is set in the focal point of the leaf, while the ladies solicit that the house and family from their siblings ought to flourish. Arati is performed for the siblings with turmeric water, limestone and rice, and this water is sprinkled on the kolam before the house.

Kaanum Pongal Festival Celebration

On this day, individuals travel to see other relatives and the more youthful individuals from the family pay tribute to the older folks, and the seniors express gratitude toward them by giving token cash. Something else many do is forget nourishment on banana leaves for winged creatures to take.

Numerous South Indian individuals take the principal bit of rice cooked in some random day and set it outside for the crows to take, so this isn’t really a propensity just for Pongal. Some likewise go to sanctuary to venerate and thank god for every single beneficial thing that are offered on them.

Thousands thronged sanctuaries, places of interest and amusement fixates in Erode region on Tuesday.  However, Kaanum Pongal was commended on the third day of the Pongal celebration.

The VOC Park grounds in Erode Town was full to the overflow. Ladies welcomed one another and traded desserts. A few fun recreations were held for the guests. Exceptional ceremonies were performed at all the well known sanctuaries in the town.

The film corridors in the town additionally ran stick stuffed. The town was additionally set apart with beautiful squares of Kolam attracted front of houses. In the country territories, the celebration had a checked gritty touch.

Kaanum Pongal Celebration in Parks

The parks at Bhavanisagar repository and Kodiveri anaicut likewise observed enormous group. Ranchers in many parts of the locale commended the day by appropriating nourishment and garments to the workers who helped them reap crops.

As the Pongal holidays attracted to an end on Tuesday, Erode transport stand and railroad station saw over-whelming surge of individuals coming back to their working environments. Especially, The greater part of the trains, continuing towards Chennai and Bangalore, were chock-a-hinder with travelers.

The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation worked extraordinary transports on various courses to clear the hurry. It had likewise worked transports nonstop between the transport stand and the railroad station.

India is a place where there is differing society, and we have heard that line to death. We additionally know alongside the distinctive societies come various celebrations spreading over the timetable. Before we’re finished commending one, another comes ideal around the bend.

In like manner, similarly as we got over Lohri, Pongal has arrived. Yet, in North India, a few of us probably won’t think about this celebration that is folded over few astonishing conventions.

In case you’re one of them, here’s everything you have to think about Pongal festivities, which is being watched right now in southern India, particularly Tamil Nadu, and in numerous spots crosswise over India:

The term ‘pongal’ in Tamil signifies “to bubble”, and this celebration is commended as a thanksgiving function for the year’s reap. Pongal, one of the vital Hindu celebrations, falls around indistinguishable time from Lohri consistently, which is around mid-January.

Pongal likewise happens to be the name of a dish devoured amid this happy time, which is improved rice overflowed with lentils.

The primary day of Pongal – The Bhogi celebration

The Bhogi celebration is commended to pay tribute to Lord Indra, the divine force of rain, and the ruler of masters. The custom of Bhogi Mantalu is likewise watched this day, amid which pointless things of the family are hurled into a blaze generally made of dairy animals excrement cakes and wood.

The fourth day – Kaanum Pongal

Kaanum (or Kanu) Pongal marks the most recent day of Pongal. On this day, a custom is performed where the extra sweet Pongal and other sustenance are set out in the yard on a washed turmeric leaf, alongside betel leaves, betel nuts and sugar stick.

However, Ladies of the family complete this custom for the sake of their siblings, requesting their flourishing.

Kaanum Pongal Chennai

Chennai, Jan 16 (PTI) Kaanum Pongal, the most recent day of the Pongal merriments, in which individuals visit their precious ones, was commended in Tamil Nadu with incredible energy.

Almost 15,000 police faculty have been posted in crucial intersections here to avert event of any untoward occurrence.

An extensive number of individuals thronged imperative spots including the Marina shoreline, sanctuaries and places of worship on the event of Kaanum Pongal, police said.

Expressing that transitory police control rooms and ambulances have been kept prepared, police said 10 All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) were kept on remain by.

The police has also cautioned open not to wander into the ocean on the event, a police discharge stated, including enough security plans have been made in different spots like entertainment meccas and shopping centers.

A portion of the unmistakable places crosswise over Tamil Nadu where individuals crowd in expansive numbers on this event have likewise gone under thick security cover, the discharge said.

Why is Kaanum Pongal Celebrated

Pongal merriments happen for four days, the primary day being Bhogi only when individuals consume their old garments, mats and different things.

Second day is the principle Pongal celebration on the primary day of the Tamil month Thai.

The third day is praised as Mattu Pongal when bulls and bovines are showered and their horns painted. The creatures are revered as they assume an essential job in homesteads. The gather celebration comes full circle with Kaanum Pongal, the most recent day of merriments. PTI VIJ RC ARK.

What is Kanum Pongal 2019?

Kanum Pongal marks the fourth day festivity of Pongal, The name Kanum implies seeing. Individuals for the most part run for a trip with their families and companions. This day is otherwise called Thiruvalluvar Dinam. Thiruvalluvar is one of the celebrated writers of Tamilnadu. He is likewise called Deiva Pulavar”, or Sacred Poet.

AbHis couplets are around 1330 in number which is simply made out of two lines each. Along these lines, this day has numerous significance and imprints an extraordinary day for all the Tamil people group over the globe.

 About Kanum Pongal 2019:

Kanum Pongal is related with Thai Pongal. Appreciation shapes a noteworthy piece of Hindu’s life. We pay our tribute to everybody related with our lives. Our Parents, Relatives, Teachers are fourth-day generally imperative piece of our life.

This day additionally concurs with Thiruvalluvar Dinam. He was one of the incredible writers, who raised Tamil lyrics to an extraordinary platform. Every one of his couplets are stuffed with incredible qualities, which are useful to humankind to lead an actual existence of achievement and satisfaction.

Nature, steers and cultivating land additionally have parallel significance. It is our obligation to pay our tribute. Individuals over the globe consider Pongal at an opportunity to be exceptionally positive and demand the all-powerful to offer the kindness of the god-like.

History of Kaanum Pongal

It is to be noticed that the celebration of Pongal is praised from the time immemorial, even from 400 BCE. A few antiquarians have referenced about Pongal in their works, one among the best record is the book, “A Western Journalist on India” composed by “Francois Gautier”, a French Journalist, who tracks about the celebration of Pongal being commended in all parts of Tamilnadu, with much satisfaction and valor.

The reference of Pongal celebration can be followed back to Sangam Period. The thanksgiving, bull battle and the devour pursued by the supplications check a critical factor behind the development of the whole Tamil people group. The bullfight is otherwise called Jallikattu. Usually an extraordinary celebration, where the general population assemble in expansive numbers to observe this incredible occasion.

Jallikattu players endeavor to tame the brutal bull. The player, fit for controlling the fierceness of the bull would be compensated colossally. Indian Bull is said to be one of the unrivaled assortments of bull over the globe.

This has an extraordinary similarity with the bullfight of Spain, yet the significant distinction is that significant the bull isn’t slaughtered in India, rather think about it as an incredible brandishing occasion for many individuals to respect the valor of the warrior. 

Kanum Pongal Celebrations 2019

This day has different importance. Sisters petition God for their siblings, to have a cheerful and prosperous life. They put all the nourishment and exceptional arrangements on a leaf and offer it to the flying creatures.

This means the winged creatures eat the nourishmen the and favor liberally. Young ladies, and women holding up to get hitched offer extraordinary petitions to God. They regularly sing and move to celebrate. The principle highlight of this day is to go to the stream bed and appreciate the day with the companions and relatives. A few people additionally offer blessings to young ladies and favor them inexhaustibly.

Advantages of Celebrating Kanum Pongal

While praising kanum Pongal, the solidarity of the family is expanded

It clears an extraordinary method to be related with the incredible piece of our convention, which instructs us to be joined together and demonstrate appreciation in each part of life

It is trusted that the supplication of a sister would have a noteworthy beneficial outcome in the life of a sibling. They  make a vibe of fellowship among the general population

While praising this day among the companions and relatives. There is a social solidarity, and the feeling of having a place among the general population.Jallikattu is a world acclaimed sport, which makes the Tamil individuals pleased with their way of life and legacy

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