Bhogi Pongal 2019

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Bhogi Pongal is the crucial day of the four-day Pongal celebration. As per the Gregorian logbook, it is typically celebrated on 13 January yet now and again it is praised on 14 January.

In the Tamil logbook, this compares to the most recent day of the long stretch of Maargazhi. Most importantly the celebration is celebrated generally in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.

About Bhogi Pongal 2019

On Bhogi Pongal, individuals dispose of old and abandoned things and focus on new things causing change or change. At day break, individuals light a blaze with logs of wood. Other strong energizes and wooden furniture at home that is no longer useful. 

The transfer of forsaken things is the place every single old propensity, indecencies, connection to relations. The material things are relinquished in the fire of the information of Rudra, known as the “Rudra Gita Jnana Yajna”.

It speaks to acknowledgment, change, and cleansing of the spirit by guzzling and teaching different heavenly ethics. Pogi is commended the day going before Thai Pongal and Makar Sankranti. In other words, it is said that Buddha passed on in bhogi Pongal, when Buddhism was rehearsing in all over India.

Although Bhogi is commended in the Southern conditions of India as the primary day of the collect celebration of Pongal.  Above all  the it is the day of disposing of everything that is old and in this manner getting new fortune and success in their lives.

First and foremost the day when is Bhogi Pongal celebrated?

 Although Bhogi falls on the principal day of the Pongal festivity. It is praised on the most recent day of the Tamil month of Margazhi.

This is commended amid Makar Sankranti amid. w The sun changes its situation from the south toward the North half of the globe. As per the English timetable, it falls between January 13-16.

Otherworldly Noteworthiness of Bhogi Pongal

Bhogi is the day devoted to Lord Indra—the god of rain and mists. Most Importantly Agriculturists revere Indra to look for his endowments for a decent reap that would convey riches and thriving to them. In other words, this day is otherwise called as Indran.

Different Names of Bhogi Pongal

Bhogi Pandigai

Also as Lohri in Punjab and different parts of North India

Also as Maghi Bihu or Bhogali Bihu in Assam

Customs of Bhogi Pongal

Individuals dispose of every old thing at home on this day denoting the start of another time. Especially The Houses are cleaned and white-washed on this day. They are enlivened with marigold blooms, mango leaves new things.

Flower structures called ‘kolam’ is made. This is done with newly gathered rice flour glue and red markings. Also, ladies of the house make these according to customs. Pumpkin blossoms are added to these plans too.

Crisp bovine fertilizer cakes called ‘gobbemma‘ are set inside these structures and earthen lights are lit over them. Also, Sustenance is also cooked with crisply collected rice, sugarcane, and turmeric on this day.

Ranchers revere their furrows and different types of gear on this day. The instruments are spread with kumkum and sandalwood glue. Most importantly the  contributions are made to the Sun God and Mother Earth.

However, Bhogi Mantalu is a custom that is polished in a few regions. Here a campfire is lit with cow compost cake and wood. Every old thing and garments are yielded in this fire. All farming and family squander like old tangles and floor brush sticks are tossed into the fire.

Every Ladies of the family serenade mantra and sing tunes of acclaim of the Gods not only but also taking rounds around the sacred fire.

Activities of People on Bhogi Pongal

Espicially, Ladies wear new garments and adornments subsequent to taking a heavenly plunge on this day.

Pongal Panai is a custom that pursues Bhogi, amid which new earthen pots are painted and brightened with blooms and mango leaves.

However, It is considered as a bubbly sign of the bubbly state of mind horns of wild oxen in the town are regularly painted and enriched by the nearby individuals. This day means family social affairs and meeting companions and relatives.

Bhogi pallu is set up by keeping crisply gathered rice and natural products alongside cash; this is then dispersed among youngsters.

Not only but also the celebration is set apart with exercises, for example, rangoli making, and rustic games, for example, kite flying, cockfights, and bullfighting.

Valid Famous Bhogi Pongal Recipes

Sustenance unites bliss, great wellbeing, endowments, and flourishing. Make your Pongal progressively honored.

This can be done by figuring out how to make a mess of conventional Pongal formulas to fill your bellies! These are unadulterated formulas, taken straight from the old grandma’s cookbooks. Also, Get ready them and appreciate the nostalgic sentiment of Traditional Pongal.

Bhogi Pongal day celebration

Bogi celebration or Bhogi is the principal day of Pongal and is praised out of appreciation for Lord Indra, “the God of Clouds and Rains”. Master Indra is venerated for the plenitude of gather, in this manner conveying bounty and thriving to the land.

Hence, this day is also called as Indran. On Bhogi all individuals wipe out their homes through and through, and gather every single undesirable great. This day is intended for local exercises and of being as one with the relatives.

Every one of the houses from the most extravagant to the humblest are completely cleaned and whitewashed.

Homes are cleaned and enlivened with “Kolam” – floor structures attracted the white glue of recently gathered rice with blueprints of red mud.

Frequently pumpkin blooms are set into dairy animals compost balls and set among the examples. Crisp reap of rice, turmeric and sugarcane is acquired from the field as readiness for the next day.


Not only extraordinary puja is performed on the primary day of Pongal but aslo before the cutting of paddy.

Agriculturists adore the sun and the earth by blessing their furrows and sickles with sandalwood glue. It is with these sanctified instrments that the recently collected rice is cut.

The Bonfire

Another custom saw on this day is Bhogi Mantalu, when futile family unit articles are tossed into a fire made of wood and cow compost cakes. Young ladies move around the campfire, singing melodies in acclaim of the divine beings, the spring, and the gather.

Therefore, The criticalness of the blaze, in which is scorched the agrarian squanders and kindling is to keep warm amid the last lap of winter.

In Andhra Pradesh this day is praised by young ladies consuming their old garments and wearing the new ones after an oil back rub and shower. At that point pursues Pongal Panai, a custom in which new ceramic pots are painted and improved with turmeric, blossoms and mango leaves.

The Consequences of Bhogi Pongal

Intending to reining in this pollutants in the air and with the focus shifted to climate change impacts, the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board is striving hard to enforce the recently revised standards of air quality set by the Central Pollution Control Board this Bhogi season.

According to the passage, a common air quality standard is set for both residential and industrial areas to track RSPM and did away with SPM against the earlier method of having different values for residential, industrial and ecologically sensitive areas.

Chennai Sangamam 2010

The birth story This year the state department had begun an awareness campaign well in advance to highlight the need to refrain from burning garbage or other items. The campaigns had been conducted in all 10 zones of Chennai Corporation.

Twenty teams of officials have been assigned to monitor the city during Bhogi to prevent burning of waste. People found burning toxic wastes during Bhogi festival in the city are liable to be booked under section 15 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

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